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Google Fundo | virtual event platform | important information

 Google Fundo, a new virtual event platform for creators.

Google Fundo is a virtual event service by Google which helps creators and small businesses monetize events. It allows the creator to create event, set theevent date and sell tickets, The service has no apps or software to download, everything happens on the Fundo site. An event can be created and a link to the event page can be used to publicize the event, also audience can browse or search for events on Fundo.

Earlier Google made an announcement promoting promoting three kinds of events that creators can make on Fundo

  •  1:1 Chat + Photos
  •  Meet and Greet
  •  Workshops
Each event will have limited numbers of tickets.

What is 1:1 chat + photos, Meet and Greet and Workshops on Fundo?

  • The one-on-one event is a way in which creators can host an event with a single individual, it is introduced as a way for creators to meet fans. The event has a additional feature called +Photos and is for participants to create virtual photo booth images of each other.

  • MEET AND GREET, this event is similar to the 1:1 type of event but it's between a YouTube creator and multiple fans. Google describe it as, "As a fan, you'll have a variety of experiences to choose from. Join the Q&A members in a group Meet and Greet.
  • Workshops, it is an important feature that will have a positive impact on businesses. Consultants can give workshops on how to do things such as, investing, real estate buying, shopping for mortgages , estate planning and much more. Their are opportunities for not only making money but also promoting a business as a trusted brand.

Safety features of Fundo.

According to Fundo, their is no chance for uninvited guests to crash a Fundo event, the events are ticketed and only one person is permitted per ticket to join an event.

Fundo says, "Safety is a top priority. Because Fundo is checking everyone's ticket, there's no risk of uninvited guests. We also have reporting and flagging features to curtail abuse. 


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