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Want to Invest in Crypto-currencies? Here's how you can do it | Tips

 Are you planning to invest in cryptocurrency ? Here's how you can do it.

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Crypto currency has made huge impact on investors around the globe with the skyrocketing increment in the value. People are trying to invest more and more in the digital currency.

But is it safe to invest in crypto currency?

A crypto currency also called crypto is a type of currency which does not exist in physical world. It is a digital currency that can be used to buy goods and services. 

While thinking of exchanging the crypto with goods and services, a question strikes that if cryptos can be converted into cash. Before investing into Bit coins or any similar crypto, one always has this question in mind. 

And the answer for which in yes, an individual can use a P2P platform to convert his/her cryptos into cash by simply selling it.

Method of How to convert your cryptos into cash.

There are two best methods to convert your cryptos into physical cash.

Before converting your digital currency keep in mind that the conversion will include taxation as well as exchange fees that a third party brokers will impose additional taxes depending on the number of digital tokens you have.

The two ways of exchanging your digital currency are:

  •  Through brokers or an exchange
  •  Through Peer-to-Peer platforms.

Through Brokers

In this system of exchange, once you deposit your crypto currencies to exchange and withdraw, the broker will transfer the money to your bank account.

Due to money laundering restrictions on brokers the withdrawal of money should happen through the same bank account from which you made your deposit.

Disadvantage of this system

It takes a lot of time: Many experts say that the system is safe and secured but it takes time for the money to get transferred in your bank account.

Through Peer-to-Peer platforms  (P2P)

This system of exchange is a quicker method, any user can use P2P platform to exchange his/hers cryptos with cash by simply selling it. P2P platform is a network of computers. The advantage of this system is that it has smaller fees and better exchange rate as compared to a 3rd party brokerage system.

Disadvantage of this system

You need to be careful of fraudsters, It is recommended that a person who is investing through this system must ask for proof of ID and payment before releasing their digital currencies.

Usage of P2P platforms that keeps your cryptocurrency locked until your bank account is credited with the money must be used. 

Planning to invest in Cryptocurrency? Here are the best tips to start your investment.

It is very important to understand the crypto-market before investing a single dollar into cryptocurrencies. Here are best tips to invest in crypto currencies.


It is always recommended to make a good research before starting anything. the value of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum swings tremendously and you may face a huge loss or huge profit. 

Always try to research, read reviews or talk to more experienced investors before making an investment as there are 500 exchanges to choose from.

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 storing your Cryptocurrencies.

Before buying a crypto currency insure the storage. One can store cryptos in a digital wallet or on an exchange. There are many different kinds of wallets which has different kind of technical and security features and requirements. 
Always investigate your storage choice before investing.

Spread Your Investment.

Investing in cryptocurrencies can bring both joy and sorrow in your life, the value of the currencies may rise or dip with an enormous rate therefore investing all your money in one Crypto currency say Bitcoin  may not be a good idea. Why to go for one fish when you can have a whole pond available?. 
It is always safe to divide your investments so that in case of a loss you will have chance other options.

How to invest in cryptocurrency-Graph

Do not invest all your money on a single crypto provider say Bitcoin. Dividing the investment among different platforms has always worked and same is the case with digital currencies.

Always remember that the crypto-market fluctuates and you can witness drastic changes in the value of these currencies. 


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